March 26, 2013

What members of the ASF Staff have read/are reading this week:

Justin Torres' We the Animals, Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue, Peter Taylor's story “A Sentimental Journey” (if you have a New Yorker subscription, you can read it here), Kate Flint’s The Woman Reader, the incredible words of poet-art-critic Bruce Hainley in Pep Talk, Lidia Yuknavitch’s glorious The Chronology of Water, the fun and affecting experiment of Stephanie Barber’s Night Moves, Renata Adler’s Speedboat thanks to our Emily Books Subscription, and Maud Newton's lastest collection (“packaged with radness”) for the Quarterly Co (with an Omission Lager in there for extra pleasure). 

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    There are some stories I never tire of reading. “North Country” is one of them.
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    I spy… Roxane Gay’s “North Country” from Hobart 12!
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